Bring Life Back To Your Rugs With Rug Restoration Services

When a rug is finally showing undeniable signs of wear and tear, it's here where rug restoration services should be pursued. The services our team delivers have been sought after for years, and we’ll make your rug look like it just came out of the store the other day.
For years, our business has been trusted and preferred by those who need antique and vintage rug cleaning in NYC, but for all that time we've also been delivering first-rate rug restoration services. Often, rug restoration is needed before rug cleaning can take place, and our experts will restore your rug—and then clean it—so you get it back in sound condition. We’ll be delicate with your antique rugs, as we know that these can be damaged easily when wet. We are often asked to deliver rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing for clients, and if you'd like to know more about these common rug restoration services, read through the sections below. These aren’t the only rug restoration services we deliver.


Rug Recoloring Will Bring Boldness Back

Our rug recoloring experts will bring vibrancy and boldness back to your antique and vintage rugs. When we're done with them, you’ll think that they were just manufactured this morning. Some old rugs have fabulous designs and color schemes, and we’ll restore these so your rugs are compliment magnets again. When you get help from our experts, you never have to worry about rug dye running or a pattern being messed up. Our Rug cleaning experts are detailed and meticulous.

Rug Reweaving Will Save You From Rug Replacement

Rug reweaving is a useful rug restoration service that will save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. Owners of antique and vintage rugs often seek to get rug reweaving when their rugs unravel. This is a service that’s sought once or twice a year. Exotic rugs often need rug reweaving too, and so do rugs that have been damaged by moths and other insects. We’ll perform a rug reweaving service fast. You'll have your rug back before you even notice it's gone.

Get Rug Binding For An Affordable Price

We’ll bind your rug using binding tape or a special sewing machine, and when we're done with rug binding your rug will be sturdy for many years. This is an affordable rug restoration service, one that will save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. We can bind any kind of antique rug, and despite what people say about binding antique rugs, we've never had a problem.

You Won’t Regret Getting Rug Fringing

Rug fringing is a service that we are often called to deliver. A rug’s fringe is its most important component, so when this goes it's not long before the rest of the rug goes with it. We’ll strengthen your rug’s fringe so that it doesn't cause you any problems in the future. This is an affordable service that won't take long.